Fiber Lab by Cosmote

About This Project

The objective of the Fiber Lab was to create an immersive and playful spatial experience that makes the science of fiber optics accessible to festival visitors. The Athens Science Festival team came up with a brief of activities that indicate the technology of fiber optics, a technology that enables data in the form of light pulses to travel using reflection and refraction among other fiber properties. The Fiber Lab included a quiz about fiber optics, a series of workshops on periscopes, an infinity mirror, a laser-mirror game, a large luminaire and a fishing game using endoscopic cameras.


Design Team: Marianna Bonellou, Antonis Kyparissis, Artemis Papageorgiou (Entropika Lab), Tasos Chartalos
Project management: Antonis Malaktaris, Panos Kafousias, Julie Kyriazi
Photo Credits: Studio Kominis, Technopoly City of Athens. Photos 2,4,7: personal archive

Installation, Interactive