PLAYSTOOLS @Athens Mini Maker Faire 2017

We are thrilled to have participated at the second edition of the Athens Mini Maker Faire with Playstools. Playstools is a game embedded in furniture and a point of departure for our research into interactive, spatial interfaces.

The game at the moment is designed for two teams of three who move around a circular layout of six stools. To win, one team member has to remain seated at the end of six rounds. Music indicates the beginning and end of each round, while light travels across the stools to indicate player behaviour. Some light patterns indicate sitting on a stool, others eliminating members through a ‘light’ duel, or bringing back members according to colour hue. An extra level of complexity is added through the capacitive switches placed on the stool surfaces, requiring players to interact with them at certain moments.

The game is designed for young people above 9 years old. We are currently designing a new game for toddlers, and also integrating a learning platform, introducing game design and play to young people. You will find images and videos in the slideshows below, feel free to get in touch for more information!