The Journey Machine

About This Project

The Journey Machine is a participatory installation, created during a workshop on storytelling, design and technology. The brief was to introduce a group of adult educators into a storytelling workshop, involving STEM tools and multi-disciplinary, collaborative making. The goal was to open up a discussion around tools for educators in the context of the Creative Europe Programme: Designstem: integrated design + STEM education (2017).

The project was developed as an open-ended collaborative mechanism, where different teams of participants could choose to develop different modules, either electronic modules, mechanical parts or storytelling modules in order to complete a a story told by a machine. The machine was inspired by the Rube Goldberg mechanism that allows for relationships of cause and effect between modules, in order to recount a story chosen by the participants, who chose to tell the story of Odysseus.

A big thanks to the Athens Makerspace for offering their premises for the purpose of the workshop.

Installation, Learning