Space Jelly

About This Project

Meet Space Jelly: a hybrid species of jellyfish coming out of a scientific experiment! Space Jelly grew up inside a water bubble flown into the stratosphere orbiting Earth. As a result she grew into a super-size jellyfish that defies gravity and loves to fly. She really enjoys listening to music and floating in space while her body illuminates at the sound of music. She plans her return to the ocean sometime soon.

Commissioned by Oddstream for Hersftdrift Festival, Nijmegen, 26th November 2015.
Projects leads: Artemis Papageorgiou & Gabriella Mastrangelo
Software development: Christos Koutsouradis

Installation, Interactive, Lighting
Drift, entropika, entropikalab, Herfstdrift, interaction design, interactive art, interactive installation, interactive jellyfish, interactive lighting, jellyfish, lighting installation, medusa, Nijmegen, Oddstream