About This Project

Publicscapes is a participatory project and workshop that investigates interaction design in public space. It is an offspring of Paper Playscapes, a on-going project about modular architectures and interaction design.

We propose a responsive sculpture made jointly by the designers and participants in order to explore collaborative design as a catalyst for public experience. According to Hajer and Reijndorp the premise of public space is prominently found within experience more than within space. The challenge for designers is to create an opportunity for people to commonly use public spaces outside their “archipelago of enclaves” where they frequent, to confront with the unfamiliar, thus the exercise is to design ‘the transition, the crossings, the connections and the in-between spaces of the archipelago’.

During the workshop we will introduce participants to the tools that make up Publicscapes. They will be introduced to the microcontroller ATtiny, conductive materials and capacitive sensing, soldering circuits and assembling paper-structures. We will decide on the form of the sculpture, using carton boxes as a building block and will culminate to a paper, responsive structure. Apart from creating a public experience, we wish to share with the public our working methodology, and explore the potential of merging digital tools with physical objects.