About This Project

PLAYSTOOLS invite people to play with home furniture by employing interactive light and sound. When connected wirelessly to each other, Playstools turn into a game via an interactive interface. Alternatively they can serve as stools or turn into a luminaire.

The game is designed for two teams of three who move around a circular layout of six stools. To win, one team member has to remain seated at the end of six rounds. Music indicates the beginning and end of each round, while light travels across the stools to indicate player behaviour. Some light patterns indicate sitting on a stool, others eliminating members through a ‘light’ duel, or bringing back members according to colour hue. An extra level of complexity is added through the capacitive switches placed on the stool surfaces, requiring players to interact with them at certain moments. The game is designed for people above 12 years old. Another mode is conceived; simpler, with changing colour patterns that shape a visual landscape and a simple interaction for young people below 11 years old.

Playstools was selected for Next Design Innovation 2016 and showcased during the Milan Design Week 2016 at Zona Santambrogio. This project was developed by Regione Lombardia in partnership with the Department of Design at Politecnico di Milano and implemented by Polifactory. Apart from the official project page at Next Design Innovation you can find more about our project at Elle Decor Italia and the Milan Design Award channel.

Project leads: Artemis Papageorgiou & Gabriella Mastrangelo
Project assistant: Mies Loogman
Project Development: Polifactory and Next Design Innovation Team
Software development: Polifactory and Next Design Innovation Team
Photo credits of PLAYSTOOLS lighting up in red: Andrea Penisto for Elle Decor Italia.

Playstools from Entropika on Vimeo.

Furniture, Lighting
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