Paper Playscapes

About This Project

Paper Playscapes is a landscape in the making, a participatory space for dwelling together for a few moments, in order to learn, make and play. Its represents a landscape-in-movement, one made and played collaboratively by the designers and the audience.

We invited people to participate in the creative process by adding their personal and collective imprint in the space. The blueprint was a cardboard module, the truncated tetrahedron. By embedding paper electronics, hand-drawn circuits and a simple interaction we created a cell that can propagate to shape a spontaneous, responsive structure that lights up when approached. The installation starts out with six ‘pillars’, the modules fixed on the ground, serving as structural support for the installation-to-be, as well as play elements for Playstools, a game embedded in the project. Visitors were invited to create the structure and then play.

Paper Playscapes won a public competition and was commissioned by the Victoria & Albert Digital Programmes to take part at the Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire in 2014. It was then shown at the Random String Symposium at Coventry in 2016.

Commissioned by V&A Digital Programmes for the Elephant&Castle Mini Maker Faire, 2014.
Projects leads: Artemis Papageorgiou & Gabriella Mastrangelo
Software development: Christos Koutsouradis

The development process:

Installation, Interactive, Learning
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