Paper Playscapes

About This Project

Paper Playscapes is an open-ended installation representing a landscape in movement, one made and played collaboratively by the designers and the visitors. Its vocabulary is based on the truncated tetrahedron. By embedding paper electronics and a simple interaction we create a cell that propagates in space to shape, by the end of the Maker Faire, a spontaneous, responsive structure. The installation will consist of six ‘pillars’, fixed modules also serving as play elements of a game designed for the installation. We invite people to join us in assembling and creating the structure and then play! We imagine the outcome of this project as a landscape in the making, a participatory space for dwelling together for a few moments, in order to learn, make and play.

Commissioned by V&A Digital Programmes for the Elephant&Castle Mini Maker Faire, 2014.
Projects leads: Artemis Papageorgiou & Gabriella Mastrangelo
Software development: Christos Koutsouradis

Installation, Interactive, Learning
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