Kàlli Modules

About This Project

– We talk about ephemeral, modular architecture
– We build, we try, we learn, we experiment, we play, we pic nic!

DOWNLOAD SKETCHUP DRAWINGS: https://shorturl.at/jqGJM & CONTACT US at info@entropikalab.com for any clarifications or collaborations to develop the project further!

Kàlli Modules aims to research the possibilities of modular and ephemeral architectures to support collective actions in the public space of a rural community. Inspired by Enzo Mari’s work on self-construction, architect/artist Artemis Papageorgiou proposes a modular construction workshop. The goal is to create six wooden benches to be used in combination or separately, horizontally or vertically, defining a space that can host a performance, a speech, a meal or other cultural events.

The artist built two prototype benches in collaboration with the LUDD Lab team in Athens, while the Tzoumakers community in Kalentzi will assist with the four-day workshop by offering space and tools. The workshop will begin with a presentation by the Tzoumakers and the artist and will continue with two days of construction and waterproofing the benches. During the last two days we will experiment with joining systems and adjustments for uneven floors.

Apart from the technical and theoretical part, the interest lies in the collective investigation on the use of the Kàlli Modules and the possible events that they can accommodate, which will define the spatial layout, the joining system and other ad-hoc adaptations with local materials. At the same time, there is an idea to use the Clouds modules, made by the LUDD team, which are already in the space of the Tzoumakers lab, in order to initiate a dialogue on the typology of the modular constructions.

On Sunday, May 1st, we will share a meal with all participants using the Kàlli Modules, which will then become available for re-use to the local community of Kalentzi.

The workshop is held at the invitation of Dora Zoumba and with the support of the European programme i-Portunus Houses.