Playstools: the making of

Playstools: the making of

Playstools are a set of stools functioning also as luminaires and game. When connected wirelessly to each other Playstools turn into a game, inviting users to play through their interactive interface. For the last month we have been working on this project between Polifactory, the makerspace of the Politecnico di Milano and our headquarters in Athens. Playstools has been selected by Next Design Innovation, a competition and exhibition aiming to showacase new talent in innovation design during the Salone del Mobile di Milano, curated by Politecnico di Milano and funded by Regione Lombardia.

In regards to the design of the objects, Playstools are the outcome of an on-going research into foldable design through digital fabrication, exploring the boundaries of its’ technical and aesthetic potential. The result of this research has been an iterative process of bending wooden surfaces by applying kerfing cuts through laser-cutting on the bendable section. In terms of interaction and game design, the project has also undergone a few iterations. For the current prototype the game rules have been refined and a new game mode has been added. In this mode users have the choice to create interactive lighting patterns by touching the stool surface, without having to play the game itself. New hardware has been employed; light and sound are controlled by a system of modules connected wirelessly to a master-Arduino operating through a library designed by Polifactory’s electrical engineer.

At this point we need to thank the amazing Polifactory team; Patrizia, Diego, Nicola, Fransesco and Massimo for their assistance and impeccable collaboration! See you at ZONA SANTAMBROGIO between April 12th-17th!!


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