Making of – the seating

Making of – the seating

From paper to wood: a journey into the making of the prototype for the seatings destined for the game LumiChairs.

The game uses the same principle of the Music Chairs, where people need to find a free seating at the end of each round. LumiChairs use six stools as seatings which form a hexagonal space for the Paper Playscapes installation. Since the primary module for the installation is the truncated tetrahedron, to match the installation, the stools need to take the shape of a conglomeration of the same modules. Thus, each stool consists of four truncated tetrahedra.

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They are carved out of wood unlike the rest of the installation paper modules because we wanted the stools to host the par can lights and accommodate players sitting on them. We also wanted a foldable material that works on the same principle as the foldable paper modules. So after some research we discovered this new Milan-based company, Wood-skin  that realises amazing foldable designs out of cnc’d wood!

ms_img_20141021_102910 ms_img_20141021_102850 ms_img_20141021_102318 ms_img_20141021_101422

After sending out her drawings to Woodskin, Gabriella was still eager to put her hands on the prototype, so with the help of Michele, a friend and cabinet maker, and his workshop, they were able to get a similar result.

After visiting Woodskin in Milan, we are now waiting for the final six stools, while testing lights and the game with the first prototype!

For the latter, we would like to thank Michele Scarcia and Redan by Cuscito for their precious help. Without it we wouldn’t have been able to move on with the overall design of Paper Playscapes!

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